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 Bulletin: RollerTrol™ Automation Systems is Launched!  
  • We have been busy making and selling 12v marine roller blinds for some time, and we have decided to start selling the components at RollerTrol.com so others can do the same.
  • Take a look at our online store for tubular motors and other associated products - make your own custom blinds that fit your boat perfectly!
  • While you're at it, check out our tubular motors with built-in radio controllers. When used with our multi-channel remotes, you can control all your blinds with a single remote!
  End Bulletin: RollerTrol™ Automation Systems  

Luxury Cruises - Mediterranean, Panama Canal, Hawaiian Ialands, Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska

(for complementary boating products such as 12v lighting control and 12v motorized blinds and shades, see our RV & boat automation DIY kit store)

Cruise in luxury for a great way to take a vacation. Consider a visit to the Mediterranean, the Panama Canal, around the Caribbean, through the Hawaiian Islands, to the Alaska glaciers, or anywhere else in the world for your dream holiday. How about a Mexican Riviera vacation?

Crown Princess - Princess Cruise Ships

Cruising on celebrated cruise ships from Carnival, Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, Norweigan and other great cruise companies is a fabulous way to visit just about any part of the world that you choose.

Cruising Resource Articles and Cruise Line Reviews

Although not necessarily cheap, discount cruise ship packages can be found for all cruise lines, and we have put together a cruising resource section to help you find the right cruise destination and cruise line for your cruising vacation; click the link below to enter:

Cruising Information, Resources and Reviews

Unique Destinations - How About a Cruise on the Nile River?

The biggest cruise ships don't always make for the best cruises, either. There are also many unique and unusual cruise trips; for instance, consider the Nile as cruise destination. For many centuries, the Nile River has been at the center focus of all life in Egypt. The civilizations of ancient Egypt relied on the flooding of the Nile river to create fertile farming land in an otherwise inhospitable desert landscape.

Excavations along the Nile have unearthed vast quantities of archeological remnants from ancient times and a leisurely cruise along the Nile takes you through this ancient populated area that is so steeped in history. And remember, you are following a royal route; the pharaohs and Queen Cleopatra cruised the Nile!

Look for the Nile cruise article and other fascinating destinations in the Cruising Resource Section, and get all the information you need to plan a great cruising vacation.

A tropical cruise in the Caribbean or in the Gulf of Mexico is also an ideal choice of vacation for couples of all ages. Whether you're looking for a short romantic break or if you'd like a longer voyage with more time to explore tropical islands and soak up the Caribbean sunshine, then a tropical cruise is for you.

Have a great trip!