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 Bulletin: RollerTrol™ Automation Systems is Launched!  
  • We have been busy making and selling 12v marine roller blinds for some time, and we have decided to start selling the components at RollerTrol.com so others can do the same.
  • Take a look at our online store for tubular motors and other associated products - make your own custom blinds that fit your boat perfectly!
  • While you're at it, check out our tubular motors with built-in radio controllers. When used with our multi-channel remotes, you can control all your blinds with a single remote!
  • AND DON'T MISS OUR SUPER LOW DRAW LIGHT SENSING SWITCH - perfect for automatic night-time light sensing operation of your ANCHOR LIGHT!!
  End Bulletin: RollerTrol™ Automation Systems  
software control systems - GPS navigation & digital charting - communications for boats

boat control & automation,
navigation and communications

by Adrian Biffen 

(for complementary boating products such as 12v lighting control and 12v motorized blinds and shades, see our RV & boat automation DIY kit store)





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