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Serenade: Our sloop rigged 30' Lancer sailboat
Specifications, features and projects

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Serenade is our 30' fiberglass sloop, manufactured by Lancer Yachts of California in 1975. Lancer had apparently bought the rights to use the C&C hull designs, so her pedigree is solid.

Powered by a conventional marconi  masthead rig, she performs well in light airs and is comfortable to cruise in. The steering is perfectly balanced, with almost no weatherhelm under any conditions. She has plenty of sail area, and a sleek canoe hull with a deep fin keel and high aspect ratio spade rudder. All lines lead back to the cockpit, and she single hands very easily, especially with the wireless remote control autohelm

Serenade under sail

The self-draining cockpit is spacious, the seats are also long enough to sleep on and are fully covered by the bimini structure. There is full standing headroom in the cockpit (boom is above bimini) and in the salon down below. She sleeps 5 in 2 double beds (v-berth and extendable settee) and 1 quarterberth. 

The galley includes a 3 burner stainless steel propane range top with oven, stainless sink with running water (foot or hand pump), and large icebox. 

The double leaf folding salon table is quite large, with plenty of room for 4 people and a big dinner serving. When the weather is cool, the propane fireplace adds warmth and good cheer, and greatly extends the cruising season. 

She has a separate bathroom with toilet, sink and tap, with a holding tank waste management system.

The electrical system is powered by a high quality solar system, and the four stroke gasoline engine on the stern doubles as a reasonably quiet generator if the solar panel hasn't fully recharged the large banks of deep cycle batteries (never happened yet). It can also be disconnected with a switch so that it only charges its starter battery.
side view of our 30' Lancer sloop, hull by C&C
We have initiated a number of improvement projects for Serenade since she was purchased, and we have created a series of articles detailing the work that has been done. Here are the relevant pages in this series:

 (1) Wireless remote control autopilot
 (2) Diesel removal & 4 stroke outboard engine mount
 (3) Cockpit Bimini
 (4) Tender davits on stern
 (5) Waste management holding tank system
 (6) Solar panel, PWM charge controller and deep cycle battery system
 (7) Propane Fireplace - Dickinson segregated air unit, can run all night when it's cold

She has a renovated interior, and the hull has been refinished, with a new keel mounting framework that is stronger than the original factory installation. There are no salt water leaks below the waterline and her bilges are dry; there are no osmosis blisters on the hull, and she has a fresh coat of ablative bottom paint. 

Length Overall (LOA) 30'
Length Waterline (LWL) 27' 6"
Beam 10'
Draft 5' 2"
Displacement 8,200 pounds
Ballast 3,000 pounds
Total working sail area 560 sq ft
Mainsail area 190 sq ft
150 Genoa jib sail area 370 sq ft
Storm jib sail area 156 sq ft
SA/D (sail area/displacement ratio - main + Genoa) 22.03
D/L (displacement/waterline length ratio) 186
BR (displacement/ballast ratio) 2.73
Theoretical maximum hull speed 6.96 knots
Theoretical angle of vanishing stability 133.38
Motion comfort ratio 21

x10 automated sloop Serenade - bow view hull profile x10 computerized sloop Serenade, hull view from stern
Front and rear views of hull, rudder and fin keel profile - note fresh ablative bottom paint