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 Bulletin: RollerTrol™ Automation Systems is Launched!  
  • We have been busy making and selling 12v marine roller blinds for some time, and we have decided to start selling the components at RollerTrol.com so others can do the same.
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  End Bulletin: RollerTrol™ Automation Systems  

737 artificial reef showing welded aluminum pedestal support structure
737 artificial reef just prior to final submerge

In recognition of permission to use the location for the placement of the artificial reef, a plaque was placed on the aircraft giving thanks to the Hul'qumi'num Mustimuhw.

The name Xihuw Reef has been given to the site out of respect for the red Sea Urchin which would have lived in abundance in the area in the past. This creature along with swimming scallops and other bottom dwelling creatures have seen significant impact over the last 50 to 100 years from pollution in the way of sewage, industrial effluent and forest industry waste. Over-fishing and bottom dragging has also seriously effected the habitat. It is hoped that the new habitat created by the artificial Reef will provide opportunity for the return of these and other significant creatures in the environment.

Below: Boeing 737 On Thetis Island beach being prepared for sinking

737 artificial reef plane on beach before sinking

artificial reef plane on beach before sinking - 737

dive a 737 artificial reef near Chemainus BC Canada

artificial reef plane on Thetis Island beach before sinking


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